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Salt Remedy

Whether you’re looking for an all-natural, pill-free remedy for itchy eyes, packed sinuses, and clogged ears or simply want to see how much better you can breathe and sleep, Salt Remedy has you covered.

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What is a Salt Therapy Session like?

Sit and relax in a zero-gravity, reclining chair while calming music and pharmaceutical-grade, all-natural dry salts circulate and…

  • Clear your sinuses
  • Open your lungs
  • As well as improve symptoms due to a variety of skin, sleep, and anxiety issues

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What Our Clients Are Saying

I have COPD and this is a lifestyle. I’m so glad I have a Salt Remedy Membership! It allows me to come often, and when I do, everything stays clear and I can breathe. I don’t want to miss my salt sessions! I wish everyone understood how good it makes you feel.

Jessie M.
I am so honored that this business grew out of (my parents) desire to help me with my allergies. I am so excited to see how salt therapy continues to help remedy my allergy suffering and how much it will bless others who deal with all types of allergies and respiratory issues. Seriously, Houston area friends – look into this!
Adrienne Stelly
I had a serious round of bronchitis and sinusitis. After just one Salt Remedy session I was AMAZED that that my drainage began to subside and my cough was almost gone! This place is a life saver.
Carla M.

My toddler son suffers from chronic ear infections, coughing and nose congestion. Medicines and steroids were doing nothing for him. I was desperate for something alternative, and I found Salt Remedy. His cough is gone, his nose is clear and his ear infections gone. We come twice a week and LOVE it. I also suffer from asthma and allergies and I’m so much better.

Dina R.
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