Kyle and Cassandra Mays

Kyle and Cassandra Mays, Owners of Salt Remedy

We have been residents of The Woodlands, Texas since 1992. This is our home; where we have worked, volunteered, attended church, and raised our three children. We consider this community to be an extended part of our family.

Health, wellness and fitness have always been a passion of ours. We make it a priority to exercise and eat right. We enjoy sharing our values with family and those around us. In dealing with illness, we prefer a natural, holistic approach, and avoid unnecessary medications. When we learned of dry salt therapy and its natural, drug-free approach to helping relieve symptoms of respiratory and skin conditions, we knew we had to bring this to our community.

Our efforts to help our daughter overcome severe allergy and allergy-induced asthma symptoms led to a desire to help other experience the same relief she found with dry salt therapy. With a lot of research as well as the help of mentors and consultants in the business, we opened Salt Remedy in October of 2016. So many of our clients have also been given a new healthy freedom by routinely participating in dry salt therapy sessions. In our testimonial section you will read what people are saying about this proven therapy. While it is not a cure, some people on a salt therapy regimen are able to get off certain medications, and do not get sick as they often did in the past.

Now, more than ever, respiratory and lung health are of utmost importance. We are thrilled to share this wonderful treatment with you. You are sure to experience relief from symptoms you have from a variety of respiratory and skin issues. Dry salt therapy is also recommended for general good wellness and immune support.

We hope to see you at Salt Remedy soon!
Cassandra & Kyle Mays