“I have COPD and this is a lifestyle. I’m so glad I have a Salt Remedy Membership! It allows me to come often, and when I do, everything stays clear and I can breathe. I don’t want to miss my salt sessions! I wish everyone understood how good it makes you feel.”
Jessie M.

“I am so honored that this business grew out of (my parents) desire to help me with my allergies. I am so excited to see how salt therapy continues to help remedy my allergy suffering and how much it will bless others who deal with all types of allergies and respiratory issues. Seriously, Houston area friends – look into this!”

Adrienne Stelly

“First, I want to say I come because of bronchitis.  Salt Remedy therapies have really helped me with that.  Besides the therapy, Cassandra and the staff at Salt Remedy really care for their clients.  They are friendly, going out of their way to help us.  They truly care about our health and well-being.”

Pat M.

“We have been coming to Salt Remedy since November.  It is four months later and pollen season is in full-effect.  I can say that I see a huge improvement in my daughter’s allergies.  Even when she is coughing, the night after we come in, she sleeps much better and we have avoided antibiotics.  We are very grateful to have found this place.  Plus, my daughter thinks it is play time and loves to come.”

Ana Matjeka

“My husband was a physician and I, a nurse.  Obviously, we know all about medicine.  We discovered salt therapy at Salt Remedy.  The cough I have from severe allergies and bronchitis is doing so well.  I am not having to take medicine.  Dr. Tony’s skin is doing so much better.  He bruises easily because of being on blood thinners.  His arms and the bruising are clearing up.”

Dr. Tony & W.J. Lynn
“I am so happy to have found the salt room! My allergies and asthma have been more under control than ever since attending salt treatments. I spend double time in the salt room when I feel a sickness coming on and I’ve been able to get well without seeing a doctor. One day I took a friend who was not getting better with what the doctor was giving her and within 15 minutes she was able to clearly breathe! She is now a believer in the salt’s healing power. I highly recommend the salt room to anyone suffering with allergies, asthma, sinus issues, COPD or skin rashes. It has really changed my life for the better and without all the meds!”
Jan R.
“Salt therapy has been a lifesaver for me. I have chronic allergy and asthma issues, which have greatly affected my quality of life, and even my job! Adding salt therapy to my regimen, has greatly reduced my symptoms, and I was even able to drop ALL of my allergy and asthma medications. This really works!”
Jayme B.

“As I prepare to have sinus surgery, I know the salt treatments are helping to keep infections away.”

Joe R.

“I’m really glad we came today.  It’s going to be easier for me to breathe when I sleep tonight.”

Jeremy, age 12

“I enjoy my ‘me time’ at Salt Remedy.  Along the way, I get better quality of sleep and peace of mind.”

Melodie T.

“I want people to know this is helping me! I haven’t slept as good in a year, as I have since I’ve been coming to Salt Remedy.  Instead of only a few hours of poor sleep, I now get a full 8 hours with NO problem.  It is solid, and it’s because of salt therapy.”

Arlene P.

“I suffered severe respiratory problems after I quit my 32-year-old smoking habit.  I suffer from shortness of breath and COPD.  I caught two lung infections and pneumonia and was hospitalized twice after Hurricane Harvey.  Nothing was helping me get over the infections. I found out about salt therapy on the internet.  I started going to Salt Remedy about a month ago.  I am now off Symbacort, Advair and I barely use Albuterol.  This has given me faith and hope that I can improve my lungs.  God bless all at Salt Remedy.”

Gary M.

“I used to spend over $300 on medicines a month for asthma medicine. Now it’s only $99 a month for salt therapy.  I have been a member at Salt Remedy for more than a year.”

Carolyn P.

“It’s better than the beach.

It’s better than school.

It’s better than church.

It’s better than doing nothing at home.”

Finley, age 5

We would love to hear and share your experience at Salt Remedy.