My husband and I rarely watch “live” tv anymore. Because we both have full-time careers, plus many other commitments, we just don’t have a lot of extra time. We record our favorite shows and watch them at our leisure. Another huge reason for recording them, is that we simply don’t have the patience for all of the commercials. The drug commercials are the WORST!

Recently, we actually watched a “live” program. It didn’t take long at all to be reminded how much we despise the drug commercials with all of the disclosures at the end like, “may cause nausea, depression, unexpected weight-loss, respiratory infections, liver problems…” Not to mention all the other side effects that are too embarrassing to write down!

After struggling through that live program, I decided to see how many commercials were in a 30-minute recording of the nightly national news. Here is what I observed:

Actual time of news: about 20 minutes
Commercial time: about 10 minutes
Number of drug related commercials: 6
-Three of those commercials were a minute long because of all the disclosures of side effects!

It was really hard not to fast forward through all the messy side effects. I had to ask: “Why would I take medicines with the possibility of horrible side-effects when there might be an all-natural treatment with NO side effects”?

At Salt Remedy, we offer dry salt therapy that helps people with symptoms associated with a variety of respiratory and skin issues. Our therapy is all natural and in our experience, there have been no adverse side effects. On the contrary, what we and our clients have observed are really positive and beneficial effects like these:

* A salty taste on your lips that occurs within a few minutes of the session beginning. I like this one – it reminds me of being at the beach.
* The soothing music, spa lighting and reclining chairs could cause a much-needed nap.
* Clogged sinuses and airways may open up, so that you can breathe more freely.
* Mucous in your lungs may start thinning out and breaking up, allowing you to clear it out by coughing.
* Itchiness, inflammation, redness, and other skin irritations may subside or disappear altogether.
* A feeling of calmness may appear as anxiety levels decrease due to an increased production of serotonin.
* Headaches and foggy mind may clear up.

Since discovering dry salt therapy, I have treated my allergy and cold symptoms with this approach. Because of salt therapy, I don’t need to take sinus medicines anymore. I haven’t even caught a cold, and I don’t get sick like I used to.

Come visit Salt Remedy and experience Nature’s Therapy. Se what it’s like to find natural relief without the nasty side effects of prescription drugs and other medicines.