I am so glad you are reading my first blog – ever – on any subject.  Did I say, “ever?!”  Well, maybe I have a little experience.  I did keep a couple of diaries growing up.  But, those were mostly about boys and friends and life frustrations of a teenager.  I promise to keep this one upbeat and informational.

As we get closer to the opening day for Salt Remedy, there are times I can hardly contain myself.  I am so excited to share this wonderful “new” holistic approach to help relieve people (you – my friends and community) from the symptoms of all sorts of respiratory and skin issues.  During the last 6 months, I have had the opportunity to visit with the owners of other dry salt therapy rooms.  They have become like family, and I appreciate their inspiration and encouragement.  So, thank you Jack (Salt Cave of Austin), Teresa (Salt Escape), Jessie (The Salt Box), and Leo, Rene and Shimone (The Salt Chamber).

I have also met with people who have experienced the rejuvenating effects of dry salt therapy.  My sister’s friend, who has suffered with asthma all her life, is the first person who told me about dry salt therapy.  Now that she regularly takes the therapy, she does not need her inhaler.  If she feels cold coming on, she takes a few extra treatments, and usually averts the cold all together.

Then, there is the older gentleman who suffered from chronic bronchitis for years.  He found himself in the hospital a couple of times a year, trying to fight bad rounds of the disease.  After 3 years of maintaining a dry salt therapy regimen, he has not had any bronchitis attacks.

There are also athletes who regularly use dry salt therapy to help open up airways so that they can increase their ability for oxygen consumption and uptake for their big events.  I know specifically, that several of the Dallas Cowboys football players are seen in one of the salt rooms before their weekly games.

One of my favorites however, is the story of my music minister at church.  He had developed complications from asthma that were affecting his ability to sing.  His doctor told him to take a leave of absence and rest his voice.  He discovered dry salt therapy, and began driving 3 ½ hours away to receive treatments, because that was the closest treatment room to The Woodlands.  Several months after beginning this, his doctor gave him the all-clear to go back to work.  The ironic thing is, I didn’t know about his salt room visits, and he did not know that Salt Remedy was in the works – just a few miles from his house!  He also didn’t know that Salt Remedy was being built by people he knows and has traveled with and who go to his church!  What a coincidence – or is it? I believe it was Divinely orchestrated.

And speaking of Divine intervention, I want to thank God for giving me this opportunity to share something I’m passionate about with you.  His hand and His blessing is all over this. So, I give Him thanks for allowing me to open Salt Remedy.

I could go on and on with stories and testimonials, but I should probably close this for now.  I hope my first blog has be written “correctly.”  It is written from my heart, so I think it qualifies.  I look forward to meeting all of you at Salt Remedy in The Woodlands!

~ Cassandra