“There is a lot more to my journey, but I will tell anyone that will listen to my story about how Salt Therapy has helped me. I even hand out my card to anyone that might have questions about the benefits, just so I can tell them personally how much it’s helped me.” Paul Wethington, Salt Remedy member.

This is Paul and he is a member of the Greater Magnolia Chamber of Commerce. He recently shared his journey with dry salt therapy at Salt Remedy which began at a chamber networking event hosted by Salt Remedy…

… Paul won a door prize that morning: 2 FREE sessions of Salt Therapy. Truth be told, he was a bit skeptical of this treatment.

So we asked Paul, “why did you decide to try Salt Therapy?”

“I wanted people to know that I just wanted to support a fellow chamber member, I had no idea what it would mean for me personally.”

Paul suffers from sarcoidosis, which causes inflammation patches, typically in the lungs, making it hard to breathe. He has tried everything under the sun, including inhalers, over the counter meds, steroids and tons of doctor visits, trying to help alleviate his symptoms.

This is what Paul had to say after his first Salt Therapy treatment:

“After trying the first salt therapy session I remember telling my wife that I was able to breathe in more air into my lungs than I could remember being able to in decades. After having attended several sessions at this time I am so happy to report that I can breathe again, I am using less drugs and sleeping much better.”

Paul and his wife now attend 3 sessions a week and are feeling incredible.

One of the last things we asked him is what would he say to someone who is hesitant to try salt therapy?

“You have to try it! Just try it! You have nothing to lose and a whole lot to gain!”

Paul’s amazing story speaks for itself. Salt Therapy can do wonders compared to conventional medicines and treatments. So if you suffer from allergies, or any sort of lung infections or annual common cold come see us at Salt Remedy!

Paul, from all of us at Salt Remedy, thank you for being a great member of the community, and for brightening our lives with your smile every time you walk through our doors.