We are so excited to announce that our NEW Kids room is now available for booking.

Being our most popular room in the Spa, we noticed it was getting harder to book kids room slots… so we made another one! The Breathe Room has fully converted into a FUNctional play room and will be available to book starting Monday, July 17th.

Can’t make it in at the quarter of the hour? That’s ok! To allow for more booking freedom, our new kids room classes will begin on the half hour, starting at 9:30am.

How to book on our App:

  1. Log into our App and press the “Book” icon on the bottom of your phone
  2. Under “Group sessions”, press “The Salt Cove” at your desired time slot and click the button

How to book on our website:

  1. Go onto our website www.saltremedy.net
  2. Under Schedule/pricing, select “Kids Salt Therapy Sessions”
  3. Select your desired time by pressing “book”, then “next”
  4. It will prompt you to sign in, or create an account if you don’t already have one
  5. Finish your booking using the prompts and “Check Out”

If you prefer to call us for bookings, or have any questions about the new room, please feel free to reach us at 936-271-7258.